Web leads for Google Analytics

How do I get started?

  • Sign into your Google account. If you sign-in with your Google account, you don’t have to do much. Just click the sign-in button then enter your Google account credentials. This will automatically bring you to your WebLeads dashboard.
  • What are the benefits of WebLeads?

  • Fastbase WebLeads provides an extensive list of your website’s business leads, including detailed company and contact information. This gives you a clear picture of who is visiting your website, what pages get the most visits, and what content is being the most read. Google Analytics and other web analytics services provide statistical data, which is helpful, but since you don’t know who these visitors are, it’s difficult to act on these leads. Webleads reveals the companies that are visiting your site, turning once anonymous leads into business contacts.
    By getting detailed information about your website visitors, their interactions on your website, and their interest on specific sub-sites, you can begin to create distinct customer profiles for your target audience. This helps marketing to identify your website’s visitor behavior and also empowers your sales with lead generation.
  • How can I use WebLeads?

  • WebLeads helps not only to improve your marketing and sales, it also supports:
    a) Lead Generation: WebLeads gives businesses direct access to potential new customers, enabling your sales team to directly approach your website visitors using the Webleads analytics data.
    b) CRM: Getting a detailed profile of your existing customers is important. Many businesses have CRM systems that are outdated with false or invalid contacts and information, which doesn’t help your sales team with their follow-up. Fastbase WebLeads provides additional information about your client’s behavior and interests and will help to update and keep your CRM database current.
    c) Optimize your Marketing: The insights from Fastbase WebLeads will help your business define and target new audiences to learn about customer website behavior, helping to better understand target market trends to streamline your marketing strategies.
    d) Streamline your Website: Fastbase Webleads will help your business identify the most popular sub-sites for your audience, allowing you to optimize your website to create the best experiences for your website visitors.
  • How does WebLeads work?

  • Fastbase Webleads identifies the “footprints” of your website’s visitors utilizing the Fastbase proprietary business database, comprising of more than 200M companies. To get access to those “footprints,” Fastbase either derives this information from Google Analytics or through installed Java-script. Since this information is mirrored in the company database, Fastbase can provide the detailed company information in real-time through its extreme server performance.
  • Why should I subscribe to WebLeads Premium?

  • WebLeads Premium provides extensive business visitor data that is valuable to your marketing and sales teams. Being able to know how companies interact with your website helps your marketing team create the best experiences for your customers to ultimately increase sales leads and, in turn, business revenue.